Marti Keefer, Los Angeles, CA:

"I had no idea how much I needed a post-natal doula until Narelle with her beautiful nurturing presence walked through our hospital door.

Everything from the massages to the gorgeous presentation of her delicious meals and the information of how each dish could (and did) support me, to the gentle and intuitive care and support she offered  was just such a treasured gift to myself and to my beautiful newborn baby.

Being a mommy herself it was lovely to have someone who understood how precious and vulnerable those first few weeks can be. I found her support was instrumental during that time.

Here's my tip, if you do give yourself and new family the gift of having Narelle as your doula; do not let her leave your house without getting one of her magical foot massages!! Seriously, if I had my time over, that's absolutely what I would humbly request"


Jill Cole, New York, NY:

"My family and I feel so lucky to have had Narelle's support during my pregnancy and after the birth of my daughter. She was an invaluable resource on all things baby, and and helped me transition into my role as a mother with joy and confidence.

In addition to wisdom gleaned from experience, Narelle shared a number of books, media resources, and health - supporting practices that kept me feeling both empowered and grounded throughout my pregnancy. She shared massage techniques as well as a number of amazing recipes that replenished and nourished me after a long labor preceding a natural home birth. Her support set my husband and I at ease, allowing us to connect more deeply with our baby. Eight months later, she continues to share her wisdom on childcare and motherhood, in a way that is uniquely hers- funny, gentle, and with genuine love for mammas everywhere."

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Kara Thomas, Santa Barbara, CA:

"I recently had my first baby, and never could have known how much I would need support until the day we bought our little girl back from the hospital.

We had left our house in complete disarray, after laboring at home for 48 hours but there was absolutely no sign left of that. Our home was immaculate and Narelle swiftly helped us all into bed, helped me get set up to nurse, and then served up a delicious lunch. Her meticulously selected ingredients and subtle flavors felt deeply healing and quickly became all I wanted to eat for the next few weeks!

I truly had no idea that I would need the help she offered so badly; I don’t know what I would have done with out her!  Having her was not just a luxury (as I assumed beforehand) but an integral part of my bonding with my baby. Our first weeks were able to be spent focusing on our baby in a way that felt sacred and essential. Narelle’s gentle and unobtrusive presence was a treat that I’m forever grateful for"