The role of a doula is one of support. Trained in infant care and equipped with a detailed understanding of what to expect during the postpartum period, my role is to “Mother the Mother” so that she can spend her energies recovering from childbirth and bonding with her new baby. 

Specializing in Ayurveda, I apply this rich philosophy to my work, which is deeply supportive for the new mother following the physical stress on her body through pregnancy and labor. I work gently and quietly, honoring the space of the new family and the mother's need for rest. 

My role as your Ayurvedic doula encompasses everything from preparing delicious healing foods, oil massage, sitz bath preparation and belly binding information as well as breastfeeding support, newborn care demonstration and light housekeeping. I will provide referrals and resources where necessary, striving to help your family to build a village of support.